Venezuela’s Top 50 Universities in the 2022

What are the Venezuela’s Top 50 Universities in the 2022?

  • Easy learning presents a Venezuela’s Top 50 Universities in the 2022.
  • Below Table is Offering at least four year Undergraduate Degrees(Bachelor Degrees) and Post Graduate Degrees(Master degrees).
  • Delivering Courses Predominantly in a traditional and face to face and Non distance education format.
  • Our aim is provide a non academic table Based on valid, unbiased and non-influenced.
  • We are mention all the institute in depends on research and public reviews.
  • check on every years data performance on all the university and updated below. Venezuela’s Top 50 Universities in the 2022.
  • The term “university education” also means the totality of general and specialized knowledge and skills that enable a university graduate to solve problems that he encounters in industry or to perform scientific research or pedagogical work within the area of specialized knowledge that he has acquired.
RankUniversityCityFounded Year
1Universidad de los AndesMérida1948
2Andrés Bello Catholic UniversityCaracas1953
3Universidad Central de VenezuelaCaracas1721
4Simón Bolívar UniversityMiranda1967
5University of CaraboboCarabobo1892
6Universidad Metropolitana de CaracasMiranda1970
7Lisandro Alvarado UniversityAlvarado1962
8Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin UniversityZulia1989
9Universidad Nacional Experimental del TáchiraTáchira1974
10Universidad Nacional Experimental de GuayanaBolívar 1982
11Universidad Nueva EspartaCaracas1954
12Universidad de Los Llanos Occidentales Ezequiel ZamoraBarinas1975
13Universidad MonteávilaSucre1998
14Universidad YacambúBarquisimeto1989
15Bolivarian University of VenezuelaCaracas2003
16Universidad Santa MariaMiranda1953
17Universidad Bicentenaria de AraguaTurmero1983
18University Fermín ToroLara1989
19Universidad Católica Del TachiraTáchira1962
20Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón RodríguezCaracas1974
21Cecilio Acosta Catholic UniversityZulia1983
22Universidad Nacional Experimental PolitécnicaBolívar1979
23Margarita UniversityNueva Esparta1998
24Universidad Rafael UrdanetaZulia1973
25Universidad Valle del MomboyTrujillo1997
26Universidad Tecnológica del CentroGuacara1981
27Universidad José María VargasCaracas1983
28Universidad Deportiva del SurCojedes2006
29Arturo Michelena UniversityValencia2001
30Caribbean Maritime UniversityVargas1811
31Universidad Nacional Experimental Rafael Maria BaraltZulia1982
32Universidad José Antonio PáezCarabobo1997
33Universidad Alejandro De HumboldtMiranda1997
34Universidad Nororiental privada Gran Mariscal de AyacuchoAnzoátegui1987
35Universidad Nacional Experimental de las ArtesDistrito 2008
36Facultad de Ciencias de la SaludCaracas2001
37Universidad Nacional Experimental Sur del Lago “Jesús María Semprum”Zulia2000
38Universidad Nacional Experimental de YaracuyYaracuy2010
39Universidad de FalcónFalcón 2004
40Universidad Catolica Santa RosaCaracas1696
41Universidad Alonso de OjedaZulia2002
42Universidad Panamericana del PuertoCarabobo2003
43Universidad Dr. José Gregorio HernándezZulia2003
44Latin American and Caribbean UniversityCaracas1993
45Universidad Nacional Experimental de la SeguridadCaracas2009
46Universidad Venezolana de los HidrocarburosCaracas2009
47Universidad Politécnica Jose Felix Ribasmoromoy2005
48Universidad Campesina de Venezuela Argimiro GabaldónLara2014
49Universidad Bolivariana de los Trabajadores Jesús RiveroCaracas2005
50Universidad Nacional Experimental Indígena del TaucaTauca2010

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Above We Are Mention Venezuela’s Top 50 Universities in the 2022. This Universities Are Mention With Specific Criteria Wise. If Any On Have Queries Comment Below

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