Top Universities of the South America in the 2022

  • There are 14 countries in South America today, according to the United Nations(Top Universities of the South America in the 2022).
  • The full list is shown in the table below, with current population and sub region (based on the United Nations official statistics).
  • Chile and Uruguay continue to lead the ranking as the best education systems in Latin America, but their performance is on average two years behind of OECD students. Moreover, differences in performance across countries in the region are very large.
  • University of São Paulo. It is unsurprising that the University of São Paulo (USP) is the best South American-university in the World University Rankings 2022; it was also named the most prestigious Latin American-university in a survey of top scholars and is second in the overall Latin America rankings.
No.CountryTotal Universities Population
1Brazil100206,139,589South America
2Colombia40114,963,588South America
3Argentina100102,334,404South America
4Peru10089,561,403South America
5Venezuela5059,734,218South America
6Chile5059,308,690South America
7Ecuador5053,771,296South America
8Bolivia4045,741,007South America
9Paraguay3043,851,044South America
10Uruguay1543,849,260South America
11Guyana1036,910,560South America
12Suriname0432,866,272South America
13French Guiana0131,255,435South America
14Falkland Islands01212,559,417South America

If you are looking for global exposure, vibrant and green campus life and mind-blowing beaches and coastlines, then South America is just for you! South America is home to some of the most diverse countries in the world, from colored mountains to incredible natural hotspots and lost civilizations, the continent is a paradise for students and tourists alike! It is not just known for its beautiful salt lakes in Bolivia or stunning glaciers of Chile’s Patagonia region, but, also for its education system. Let’s look at the top universities in South America that you should consider for the upcoming intakes!
Top Universities of the South America in the 2022.

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