Top Universities of the Asia in the 2022

There are 48 countries in Asia today, according to the United Nations(Top Universities of the Asia in the 2022). The full list is shown in the table below, with current population and subregion (based on the United Nations official statistics).

Top Universities of the Asia in the 2022.

  • Dependencies (or dependent territories, dependent areas) or Areas of Special Sovereignty (autonomous territories)
#CountryTotal UniversitiesPopulation
1China 1001,439,323,776Eastern Asia
2India 1001,380,004,385Southern Asia
3Indonesia 100273,523,615South-Eastern Asia
4Pakistan 100 220,892,340Southern Asia
5Bangladesh 100 164,689,383Southern Asia
6Japan 100 126,476,461Eastern Asia
7Philippines 100109,581,078South-Eastern Asia
8Vietnam 7097,338,579South-Eastern Asia
9Turkey 10084,339,067Western Asia
10Iran 10083,992,949Southern Asia
11Thailand 10069,799,978South-Eastern Asia
12Myanmar 6054,409,800South-Eastern Asia
13South Korea 3551,269,185Eastern Asia
14Iraq 6040,222,493Western Asia
15Afghanistan 8038,928,346Southern Asia
16Saudi Arabia 3834,813,871Western Asia
17Uzbekistan 5033,469,203Central Asia
18Malaysia 2032,365,999South-Eastern Asia
19Yemen 3029,825,964Western Asia
20Nepal 1029,136,808Southern Asia
21North Korea 3025,778,816Eastern Asia
22Sri Lanka25 21,413,249Southern Asia
23Kazakhstan 8018,776,707Central Asia
24Syria 2517,500,658Western Asia
25Cambodia 4016,718,965South-Eastern Asia
26Jordan 3010,203,134Western Asia
27Azerbaijan 4010,139,177Western Asia
28United Arab Emirates 509,890,402Western Asia
29Tajikistan 209,537,645Central Asia
30Israel 408,655,535Western Asia
31Laos 47,275,560South-Eastern Asia
32Lebanon 456,825,445Western Asia
33Kyrgyzstan 506,524,195Central Asia
34Turkmenistan 166,031,200Central Asia
35Singapore 205,850,342South-Eastern Asia
36Oman 395,106,626Western Asia
37State of Palestine 255,101,414Western Asia
38Kuwait 104,270,571Western Asia
39Georgia 463,989,167Western Asia
40Mongolia40 3,278,290Eastern Asia
41Armenia 402,963,243Western Asia
42Qatar15 2,881,053Western Asia
43Bahrain 151,701,575Western Asia
44Timor-Leste 101,318,445South-Eastern Asia
45Cyprus 101,207,359Western Asia
46Bhutan 10771,608Southern Asia
47Maldives 04540,544Southern Asia
48Brunei 05437,479South-Eastern Asia

Top Universities of the Asia in the 2022.

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