Kyrgyzstan Top 50 Universities in the 2022

What are the Kyrgyzstan Top 50 Universities in the 2022?

  • Easy learning presents a Kyrgyzstan Top 50 Universities in the 2022.
  • Below Table is Offering at least four year Undergraduate Degrees(Bachelor Degrees) and Post Graduate Degrees(Master degrees).
  • Delivering Courses Predominantly in a traditional and face to face and Non distance education format.
  • Our aim is provide a non academic table Based on valid, unbiased and non-influenced.
  • We are mention all the institute in depends on research and public reviews.
  • check on every years data performance on all the university and updated below. Kyrgyzstan Top 50 Universities In the 2022

Below Table Added Rank, Location, City, Founded Year.

RankUniversityCityFounded Year
1Kyrgyz Russian Slavic UniversityBishkek1992
2American University of Central AsiaBishkek1993
3Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University (Kırgızistan-Türkiye Manas Üniversitesi)Bishkek1995
4Jusup Balasagyn Kyrgyz State UniversityBishkek1925
5 Kyrgyz State Technical UniversityBishkek1954
6Kyrgyz State Medical Academy bishkekBishkek1939
7Osh State UniversityBishkek1951
8International University of KyrgyzstanBishkek1993
9K. Sh. Toktomamatova International UniversityBishkek1993
10Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Kyrgyz RepublicBishkek1992
11Kyrgyz State University Of Construction And Architecture.Bishkek1992
12International Alatoo University (Uluslararası Atatürk-Alatoo Üniversitesi)Bishkek1996
13International Academy of Management, Law, Finance and BusinessBishkek1992
14Kyrgyz State University after I. Arabayev Bishkek1945
15Bishkek Humanitarian University. K. KarasayevaBishkek1979
16Naryn State UniversityNaryn1996
17Kyrgyz Economic UniversityBishkek1953
18Kyrgyz National Agrarian UniversityBishkek1933
19Kyrgyz State Law AcademyBishkek2003
20Osh Technological UniversityOsho City1996
21International University of Innovation TechnologiesBishkek2006
22Issyk-Kul State UniversityKarakol1940
23Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic Bishkek2001
24International Higher School Of MedicineBishkek2003
25Bishkek Academy of Finance and EconomicsBishkek1994
26The International University of Central Asia Bishkek2008
27Kyrgyz-Russian Academy of EducationBishkek1997
28 Institute of Modern Information Technologies in EducationBishkek2002
29Asian medical instituteKant2004
30Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical InstituteBishkek2002
31Academy of Education of KyrgyzstanBishkek2002
32Kyrgyz State Academy of Physical Training and SportsBishkek1995
33Talas State UniversityTalas2000
34Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied InformaticsBishkek2018
35Jalal-Abad State UniversityJalal-Abad1993
36Kyrgyz State University of Culture and ArtsBishkek1967
37Kyrgyz-Uzbek universityOsh1994
38The Tourism Online AcademyBishkek2013
39Osh State Law InstituteOsh2006
40Institute of Social Development and Entrepreneurship Bishkek2016
41Kyrgyz National ConservatoryBishkek1993
42Keiin International InstituteStantsiya Ivanovka2012
43National Academy of Arts of the Kyrgyz RepublicBishkek1991
44Chui UniversityBishkek2008
45The University of Central AsiaBishkek1951
46Batken State UniversityBatken city2000
47Korean Institute of Central AsiaBishkek1983
48Institute of Economics and Finance, Bishkek, Kyrgyz RepublicBishkek1953
49Salymbekov Business SchoolBishkek2019

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Above We Are Mention Kyrgyzstan Top 50 Universities In the 2022. This Universities Are Mention With Specific Criteria Wise .If Any On Have Queries Comment Below.
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Rahul Lakde
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Please provide fee structure….

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Vishvajeet Datta Samudre
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