Iraq’s Top 60 Universities in the 2022

What are the Iraq’s Top 60 Universities in the 2022?

  • Easy learning presents a Iraq’s Top 60 Universities in the 2022.
  • Below Table is Offering at least four year Undergraduate Degrees(Bachelor Degrees) and Post Graduate Degrees(Master degrees).
  • Delivering Courses Predominantly in a traditional and face to face and Non distance education format.
  • Our aim is provide a non academic table Based on valid, unbiased and non-influenced.
  • We are mention all the institute in depends on research and public reviews.
  • check on every years data performance on all the university and updated below. Iraq’s Top 60 Universities in the 2022.

Below Table Added Rank, Location,City, Founded Year.

RankUniversityCityFounded Year
1University of BabylonHillah1991
2University of BaghdadBaghdad1957
3University of DiyalaBaqubah1999
4The presidency of the University of Dohuk Duhok1992
5Mustansiriyah UniversityBaghdad1227
6University of TechnologyBaghdad2004
7University of KufaKufa1987
8American University of Iraq – Sulaimani (AUIS)Sulaymaniyah2007
9University of Al-QadisiyahDiwaniyah1987
10University of MosulMosul1967
11University in KarbalaKarbala2002
12Soran UniversitySoran2009
13Tikrit UniversityTikrit1987
14The presidency of the University of BasraBasrah1964
15University of Kurdistan Hewler (UKH)Erbil2006
16Salahaddin University – ErbilErbil1968
17Tishk International UniversityErbil2008
18Al-Nahrain UniversityBaghdad1987
19University of SulaimaniSulaymaniya1968
20Koya UniversityKoysinjaq2003
21University of Thi-QarNasiriyah2000
22University Of AnbarRamadi1987
23University of MisanAmarah2007
24Al Furat Al Awsat Technical UniversityNajaf2014
25Al-Iraqia UniversityBaghdad1989
26Al-Muthanna UniversitySamawah2007
27University of SamarraSamarra2012
28Presidency of Sulaimani Polytechnic UniversitySulaymaniyah1996
29University in BaghdadBaghdad2014
30University of ZakhoDuhok2010
31Wasit UniversityKut2003
32University Of Human DevelopmentIraq2008
33Cihan UniversityErbil2007
34Hawler Medical InstituteErbil2005
35University of RaparinRanya2010
36University of KirkukKirkuk2003
37Erbil Polytechnic UniversityErbil1996
38Duhok Polytechnic UniversityDuhok2012
39Middle Technical UniversityBaghdad2014
40Komar University of Science and TechnologySulaymaniyah2009
41Catholic University in ErbilErbil2015
42Northern Technical UniversityMosul2014
43Green University of Al QasimAl Qasim2012
44American University of Kurdistan (AUK)Sumel2014
45Nawroz UniversityDahuk2004
46Lebanese French University – LFUErbil2007
47University of Fallujah Baghdad2014
48University Of GarmianKalar2010
49Southern Technical University – IraqBasrah2014
50Bayan UniversityErbil2013
51Charmo UniversityChamchamal2014
52Al Karkh University Of ScienceBaghdad2014
53Ninevah UniversityMosul2014
54Basrah University For Oil and GasBasrah2014
55Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research (KISSR)Shorsh 2008
56International University of ErbilNewroz2009
57Halabja Universityababayle2011
58Sumer UniversityRifai2014
59Jabir Ibn Hayyan Medical UniversityNajaf2013
60University Of Al-HamdaniyaBakhdida2014

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Above We Are Mention Iraq’s Top 60 Universities in the 2022. This Universities Are Mention With Specific Criteria Wise. If Any On Have Queries Comment Below.

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