Belarus Top 40 Universities in the 2022

What are the Belarus Top 40 Universities in the 2022?

  • Easy learning presents a Belarus Top 40 Universities in the 2022. Below Table is Offering at least four year Undergraduate Degrees(Bachelor Degrees) and Post Graduate Degrees(Master degrees).
  • Delivering Courses Predominantly in a traditional and face to Our aim is provide a non academic table Based on valid, unbiased and non-influenced. We are mention all the institute in depends on research and public reviews.
  • check on every years data performance on all the university and updated below. Belarus Top 40 Universities in the 2022.
  • The term “university education” also means the totality of general and specialized knowledge and skills that enable a university graduate to solve problems that he encounters in industry or to perform scientific research or pedagogical work within the area of specialized knowledge that he has acquired.
RankUniversityCityFounded Year
1Belarusian State UniversityMinsk1921
2Belarusian State Medical UniversityMinsk1921
3Yanka Kupala State University of GrodnoGrodno1940
4Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim TankMinsk1914
5Belarusian National Technical UniversityMinsk1920
6Belarusian State Economic UniversityMinsk1933
7Belarusian State Technological UniversityMinsk1930
8Belarusian State University of Informatics and RadioelectronicsMinsk1964
9Grodno State Medical UniversityGrodno1958
10Francysk Skaryna Homieĺ State UniversityGomel1930
11Vitebskiy Gosudarstvennyy Meditsinskiy UniversitetViciebs1934
12Staatliche Universität PolozkNavapolatsk1968
13Vitebskiy Gosudarstvennyy Universitet Imeni P.m. MasherovaViciebsk1910
14Minsk State Linguistic UniversityMinsk1948
15Homieĺ State Medical UniversityGomel1990
16Brest State A.S. Pushkin UniversityBrest 1945
17Belarusian-Russian UniversityMogilev 1961
18Academy of Public Administration under the Aegis of the President of the Republic of BelarusMinsk1991
19Belarusian State Agrarian Technical UniversityMinsk1954
20Baranovichskiy Gosudarstvennyy UniversitetBaranovichi2004
21Polesie State UniversityPinsk2006
22Belorusskaya Gosudarstvennaya Sel’skokhozyaystvennaya AkademiyaHorki 1840
23Belorusskiy Gosudarstvennyy Universitet Pishchevykh I Khimicheskikh TekhnologiyMogilev1973
24Grodnenskiy Gosudarstvennyy Agrarnyy UniversitetGrodno1951
25Belarusian State University of TransportationGomel1953
26Belorusskiy Gosudarstvennyy Universitet Fizicheskoy Kul’turyMinsk1937
27Belarusian Institute of LawMinsk1990
28Mogilevskii Gosudarstvennyi Universitet Im A.A. Kuleshova UOMogilev1913
29Minsk Innovation UniversityMinsk1991
30Belarusian State Academy of MusicMinsk1932
31Academy of the Ministry of Internal AffairsMinsk1958
32Belarusian State University of Culture and ArtsMinsk1975
33Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P. ShamiakinMazyr 1944
34Viciebsk State Academy of Veterinary MedicineViciebsk1924
35Vitebsk State Technological UniversityViciebsk1965
36State Technical University Of HomieĺGomel1968
37Institute of Modern KnowledgeMinsk1990
38Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer CooperativesGomel1964
39Belarusian State Academy of CommunicationsMinsk1993
40Graduate School of the National Academy of Sciences of BelarusMinsk2001

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Above We Are Mention Belarus Top 40 Universities in the 2022. This Universities Are Mention With Specific Criteria Wise. If Any On Have Queries Comment Below.

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