Afghanistan’s Top 72 Universities in the 2022

What are the Afghanistan’s Top 72 Universities in the 2022?

  • Easy learning presents a Afghanistan’s Top 72 Universities in the 2022.
  • Below Table is Offering at least four year Undergraduate Degrees(Bachelor Degrees) and Post Graduate Degrees(Master degrees).
  • Delivering Courses Predominantly in a traditional and face to face and Non distance education format.
  • Our aim is provide a non academic table Based on valid, unbiased and non-influenced.
  • We are mention all the institute in depends on research and public reviews.
  • check on every years data performance on all the university and updated below. Afghanistan’s Top 72 Universities in the 2022

Below Table Added Rank, Location,City, Founded Year.

RankUniversityCityFounded Year
1American University of AfghanistanKabul2006
2Kateb UniversityKabul2007
3Kardan University Taimani CampusKabul2002
4Kabul UniversityKabul1932
5Khurasan UniversityJalalabad2006
6Khatam Al Nabieen UniversityKabul1966
7Herat UniversityHerat1988
8Rana UniversityKabul2009
9Mawlana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi Private UniversityMazari Sharif1999
10Kabul Polytechnic UniversityKarta-e-Mamorin 1963
11Salam UniversityKabul2009
12Nangarhar UniversityJalalabad1962
13Shaheed Rabbani Education UniversityKabul2003
14Kabul University of Medical Sciences (KUMS)Kabul1932
15Dunya University of AfghanistanKabul2009
16Avicenna UniversityKabul2010
17Gawharshad UniversityKabul2010
18Dawat UniversityKabul2009
19Rabia Balkhi UniversityKabul2011
20Benawa UniversityKandahar2013
21Bakhtar UniversityKabul2005
22Taj Institute of Higher EducationMazar-i-Sharif2010
23Bamyan University Bamyan2008
24Tabesh UniversityKabul1954
25Ghalib UniversityKabul2010
26Balkh University Old CampusMazar-i-Sharif1987
27Kandahar UniversityKandahar1990
28Mashal UniversityKabul2009
29Karwan UniversityKabul2007
30Alberoni UniversityKohistan1998
31Kahkashan-e-Sharq Higher EducationHerat2012
32Jahan UniversityKabul1997
33Parwan UniversityCharikar2006
34Paktia UniversityGardez2004
35Faryab UniversityMaymana1977
36Afghan swiss Medical Higher Educational InstituteKabul1391
37Ghazni UniversityGhazni2008
38Jawzjan UniversitySheberghan2002
39Gharjistan UniversityKabul2010
40Bost UniversityLashkar Gah2012
41Turkestan Institute of Higher EducationMazar-i-Sharif2014
42Aria UniversityMazar-i-Sharif2007
43Pamir UniversityKhost2011
44Khane-e-noor high school and univercityKabul2010
45Baghlan UniversityPol-e Khomri1993
46Takhar University Takhar1995
47Maryam UniversityKabul2007
48Moraa Female UniversityKabul2016
49Eshrag Institute of Higher EducationHerat2009
50Helmand University Lashkar Gah2006
51Islamic Azad University AfghanistanKabul1982
52Zawul UniversityKabul2012
53Saber Institute Of Higher EducationKabul2015
55Kawun Institute of Higher EducationMazari Sharif2014
56ahle-bit universityKabul2013
57Cheragh University & HospitalKabul2007
58Ariana UniversityKhoshal khan2004
59Esteghlal Institute of Higher EducationKabul2006
60Maihan instituteKabul2008
61Abourihan Higher Education InstituteKabul2014
62Oruj Institute of Higher EducationKabul2011
63Qalam Institute Of Higher EducationKabul2013
64Peshgam Institute of Higher EducationKabul2018
65Kunduz UniversityKunduz1967
66Azhar Higher Education InstituteKabul2009
67Maiwand Institute of higher educationKabul2007
68Afghan Pamir Higher Education Institute Kabul2011
69Fanoos College and UniversityKabul2013
70ASHNA UniversityKabul2014
71Edrak UniversityKabul2014
72Sharq Institute of Higher EducationKabul2012

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Above We Are Mention Afghanistan’s Top 72 Universities in the 2022. This Universities Are Mention With Specific Criteria Wise. If Any On Have Queries Comment Below.

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Rahul Lakde
Rahul Lakde
3 years ago

I really like the data the way you are presenting it.

Vishvajeet Datta Samudre
Vishvajeet Datta Samudre
3 years ago

Really easy way to compare the universities and so informative..

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